Espree Devora | the girl who gets it done

* the girl who gets it done

Espree Devora

* podcaster and community builder
in the tech space

Source: Xhost Chile

* one of the first Clubhouse icon faces

* speaker at CBS, SXSW, Forbes, AdWeek, USC MBA

* podcast featured as top 10 to listen to by Harpers Bazaar


A prolific podcaster since 2013,
Espree Devora aka “the girl who gets it done” is a force in the Los Angeles tech scene, founder of WeAreLATech and championing
Women in Tech globally, she’s also
a founding member of the Audio Collective
the hybrid live-audio creator community.
Host of multiple podcasts and one of the first Clubhouse icon faces, Espree has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Harper’s Bazaar, Inc and more.
She knows the power of audio after producing and publishing over 1000 podcast episodes and speaking at everything from SXSW to USC, Red Bull to CBS.
She calls podcasting ‘painting audio’.

Espree cares about heart and integrity,
not job titles.

Source: Xhost Chile
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Espree is one with massive influence.

-Podcast Magazine


Devora has an intoxicating spirit.



Trailblazing Podcast Host and Women in Tech Superconnector, Espree Devora, Becomes the Face of the Clubhouse App.


Source: Pretty Easy Podcasts

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