“I stop and get so excited that this life I have is actually mine.”

Espree Devora is a power networker, classically described as a “Connector”. She has a thirst for examining and absorbing information in technology, marketing, business and action sports. She is noted for conducting business with passion and vigor. This has lead to success in establishing a loyal team for her company ZexSports, strong ties with Venture Capitalists, Media Powerhouses and Entrepreneurs. Espree is also a big supporter of Stoked. Within the past year, she’s been helping with fundraising, awareness, and making more connections for us to help us grow.


Stoked: What are you Stoked about these days?
Espree: Honestly, I am just grateful for the success of ZexSports. Every day is magic. Sometimes when I am driving between meetings I stop and get so excited that this life I have is actually mine. I almost have to pinch myself that it is not a dream.

Stoked: What is your definition of success?
Espree: Passion, Perseverance, Gratitude and Confidence = Success

Stoked: What inspires you to do what you do?
Espree: Knowing that I am building a path to live my dreams and also aide to others living their dreams by providing them opportunity to work and be a part of the industry they love.

Stoked: How do you get motivated to take on major challenges?
Espree: I like being challenged. I believe personal growth leads to enhanced happiness and fulfillment.


Stoked: How important is it to have a supportive community within your field of work?
Espree: Extremely important. Being an entrepreneur is tough while incredibly rewarding. To have people around me being able to understand what I am going through while being able to support and help me elevate to higher levels is the only way I have been able to succeed.

Stoked: Who has played an important role in your life/career? Any mentors?

Espree: I’ve been blessed to have many mentors. I believe a true entrepreneur has a roster of advisers/mentors because they are humble enough to know there is no way to know everything. I think one of my first mentors was Montserrat Fontes, author of “First Confession” and “Dreams of the Centaur” who was also my high school journalism teacher. Without her I would not be the entrepreneur and woman I am today. She pushed me to go past my limits, face my fears, quit whining and to always persevere. Today I own an action sports media company which stems from my passion for journalism and the experiences she gave me.

Stoked: Any life lessons you’d like to pass on to our youth?
Espree: Start by reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. This book teaches you that you can achieve anything you set your mind and heart to do. The universe will give you all the tools you need as long as you show the world you are willing to give it your all.

Stoked: What have you learned from action sports (snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing)?
Espree: Going skating or riding on a mountain is always scary. I get nervous I will fall, hit a tree or just look silly. Sports teach me to face my fears and charge life straight on in order to reap the rewards. I can always bounce back when I do make a mistake and give it another shot.

Stoked: Why is it important to support a program like Stoked?
Espree: Stoked offers kids an opportunity to discover and embrace their dreams and then provides them the tools to be able to achieve them. Without Stoked it seems its more difficult for youth these days to develop a strong character, healthy lifestyle and confident identity.


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