LOS ANGELES, —- ZexSports President and Founder, Espree Devora will be a featured participant on a panel of emerging media specialists invited to discuss the future of online video content. Taking place at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, June 16th at Blankspaces of Los Angeles, the event is sponsored by Asahi beer.

Hosted by Managing Consultant, Michael Liskin, the panel will be addressing a fifty-member audience on the subject of digital entertainment. This event will immediately follow the premier of TruTV’s Tiger Team, a reality show covering the lives of experts in computer espionage. As co-creator of Tiger Team, Liskin says the show’s focus on technology was the impetus behind the Q & A panel discussion.

“Hollywood is changing,” says Liskin. “Television networks are testing various web models, as today’s media leans toward more profitable, online content. The questions remain, ‘How will this business model function, what role does creativity play and in what form will it be delivered?'”

In an effort to address these questions, Liskin gathered leading experts who are currently producing compelling content on the Internet. Among them are Espree Devora, owner of the action sports network, and seasoned Hollywood veteran Ken LaZebnik from Joining them on stage will be Amanda Congdon, host of Sometimesdaily, Gilad Lotan of Endemol USA, and Hayden Black of Goodnight. Also participating will be Michael Pilla of Indieflix, Tim Street of frenchmaidtv and Doug and Rosanne Welch who will be speaking on the subject of podcasting.

According to Liskin, the objective of the event is to trigger a lively discussion about the future of technology from contemporary entrepreneurs who have successfully mastered the utilization of web content. Panelists will be challenged to consider ways to connect members of the public to fantastic web content and the opportunities that currently exist for content providers.

Providing insight on these topics is Espree Devora of ZexSports who comments, “IP based distributors understand that the greatest part of content delivery is to address underserved entertainment segments. For ZexSports, this audience is the action sports industry. We are committed to producing branded content to satisfy this lucrative, expanding entertainment segment in a way that reaches beyond traditional distribution methods.”

The event will be interactive and streaming live in an effort to incorporate members of the podcast audience. Additionally, the event’s location, Blankspaces, was strategically selected to complement the discussion topic. Located in the Miracle Mile District, Blankspaces is LA’s newest co-working office space community, designed to inspire and encourage a free-flow exchange of ideas and creativity.

“The online market is going way beyond YouTube,” says Liskin. “It is becoming increasingly sponsor-driven in contrast to the advertising model traditionally associated with television. As the models shift, this is an exciting time to be involved in the development of online content.”

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Written by Marlise Kast

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