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“Espree will build the most comprehensive plan, AND arm you with the ability to sustain that plan yourself and build a lasting digital strategy.”

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” I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your class very much. Just took social media at UCLA and – to be honest – I think I got more from you. And I’m not just saying that.”

“Thank you for your presentation at the convention, of all the speakers that day, you were the most energetic, informative and helpful, so thank you.”

“You are an engaging speaker. I enjoyed you on the panel this morning. You come across as very approachable.”

” I learned so much at your class at Media Bistro that I pitched some of your social marketing ideas to the LA Chinatown Firecraker 10K Run folks I do volunteer work with, and as of today, I’m setting up their Twitter and Facebook accounts! We’re looking forward to more runners, walkers, vendors and major sponsors thanks to the street cred a well-run social networking campaign can bring. I hope you do more teaching at Media Bistro!”

“I enjoyed your detailed approach to teaching and the way you lead by example to help others and the sales will come. My husband also commented that he enjoyed your presentation the most because it contained good solid product presented in a confidence inspiring manner – which of course, makes people want to hire you:-) without the just hire us and we’ll do it sales drone.”

“Espree has the ability to train you so that you can run YOUR OWN digital marketing strategy. She will build the most comprehensive plan, AND arm you with the ability to sustain that plan yourself and build a lasting digital strategy.”

“Not only was Espree incredibly knowledgeable, but she immediately motivated me to tap into the power of social media …”

“Plenty of advice is given but rarely worth the money spent.

That’s the feeling I get when I try to improve the effectiveness of my website using specialists and “experts” in SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Recently I took in the CBS Radio sponsored Social Media event and heard plenty of opinions and anecdotal evidence for paths to success, but little real-world directives.

Except when you, Espree, took the mic. With laser-guided insights you spoke of the specifics needed to get ahead in today’s Social Media driven markets. Your offer to give a list of self-appraising questions and a brief one-on-one, no cost review of these techniques by phone, was a genuine effort to reach out to everyone attending.

Today I experienced what I can only call “The Espree Effect” during the 20 minutes you spent with me reviewing my website and my marketing plans. Your insights and media savvy, along with your fresh, youthful approach have given me plenty to work on. Now it is up to me to put it all into use and see what I can do with the powerful tools you have given me.

Experts can tell us what to do but few, if any, are ever as spot-on as you. I am reminded of Social Strategist Faith Popcorn, who for decades was the go-to resource for predictive analysis in marketing trends. You, Espree, have proven to be the Faith Popcorn of the new millennium.

I look forward to putting the directives you have given me into effect and watching as my website gains in market depth and visibility and the resulting increased profitability.

Thanks for being there for those of us who are unable to find our way in the Media Marketing Minefield. With your guidance I am optimistic about meeting our goals for success in the digital markets.”

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